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Private Lessons with Virginia Luque at The Guitar Salon or online

Virginia Luque, a native of Spain, a private student of Andres Segovia and a graduate of Juilliard, has been playing and touring in the U.S. and abroad as a soloist and with chamber orchestras. As a composer, she has written a Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra performed by the Alexandria Symphony in Virginia. Allan Kozinn of the New York Times says of one concert, "Ms. Luque's performance was stunning both for its technical fireworks and its musical warmth."

Lessons in person are conducted at The Guitar Salon. For those who are not located in the NYC area, lessons online are available. See below for more information.

Lessons Online
The lessons online are live via web cam over the internet. You will need a Mac or PC with Skype (a webcam, microphone, and headphones/earpiece). These lessons are no different from private lessons in person except we are located in two different parts of the world connected via Skype throught the internet. Please be aware I an a musician, NOT a computer technician. I cannot help you troubleshoot any computer issues! We can schedule a 2 minute trial to test and make sure we can connect connect successfully.

For more information for lessons in person or online, contact The Guitar Salon for more details.

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