The Guitar Salon

The Guitar Salon welcomes your inquiries into any of the guitars listed in my current collection of classical and flamenco guitars.

Picture of The Guitar Salon

Photographer: Joyce Culver

You are seeing a portion of The Guitar Salon. The room is 20' x 30' with a 16' ceiling, wooden plank floors and a working fireplace. All the instruments displayed in this room are from my private collection.

I'll give you a quick tour. From left to right: Top - balalaika below - sarangi (bowed Indian instrument). Above and around the fireplace - many 19th century guitars. Above the fireplace - lyre guitar. This is from the ancient Greek kithara - kithar - guitar. Through verbal transposition and modification we arrive at the guitar. The big bass alongside the sofa is a one of a kind console. It has a playable bass fiddle, knobs, for the radio inside, and the top opens up to a windup Victrola. The next wall has posters of the three famous Cremona violins, a Greek bouzouki, mandolin and on the shelf an ancient guitar by "Fabricatore". Next on the floor, a harp-guitar, a lute and above an old Pennsylvania Dutch zither.

On the piano is a bandoneon, (accordion of Argentina) and a regular accordion. In front of the piano is a guitar by the violin maker, "Guadinini" and a theorbo (precursor to the lute). In the middle of the floor is "Frets."

There are three other walls with a vina from India, koto from Japan, dital harp from England, a pochette (pocket violin used by dance masters), a boxwood clarinet, an oboe, a viola d'amore, a mandora (miniature lute) and lots of old pictures of people playing instruments.


F.W. Meinel 12" long miniature guitar

Photographer: Joyce Culver

My most prized possession, in a glass case, is a 12" long miniature guitar. A craftsman's guild piece, built in the early 1800's by the violin maker, "F.W. Meinel", signed in the heel block. The rosette is adorned with abalone and a rose is inlaid on the little fingerboard. There's ivory and mother of pearl--- you have to see it. I bought it at Christie's auction, held that paddle up until it was mine.


Picture of bassoon, boxwood flute, dital harp, balalaika, South Indian vina (Saraswati vina), dilruba and sarangi.

Photographer: Joyce Culver

Left of the fireplace (L. to R.): bassoon; boxwood flute; dital harp; balalaika. Below: Indian vina and 2 sarangis.


Picture of English banjo, Balkan tamboritza, Javanese spike fiddle, primitive Alaskan instrument, Balinese fiddle, heart shaped bowed zither (played on a flat table), Tarrega picture, Portugese guitar (rosette of 2 hearts), and koto.

Photographer: Joyce Culver

Across from the fireplace. Top: English banjo; Balkan tamboritza; Javanese spike fiddle. Below: Very ancient, primitive Alaskan instrument; Balinese fiddle; heart shaped, bowed zither (played on a flat table); Tarrega picture; Portugese guitar (rosette of 2 hearts); On the table: koto. All of the exotic fiddles are held between the legs or on the lap and bowed.


Pircture of violin (inlays front & back), zither, kemenche(Greek fiddle), picture of Segovia statue, another kemenche, very old picture of a woman playing a theorbo, pouchette (a small dance master's fiddle, from the "Cremona School of Violin Making"), 18th century mandora, and last looking like a minature lute, a 20th century Mandora, and a sequence of eight shots of me having animated conversation with Segovia

Photographer: Joyce Culver

Top (L. to R.): violin (inlays front & back); zither; kemenche(Greek fiddle). Middle: picture of Segovia statue; another kemenche; very old picture of a woman playing a theorbo; pouchette (a small dance master's fiddle, from the "Cremona School of Violin Making"); 18th century mandora; and last looking like a minature lute, a 20th century Mandora, also from Cremona. My favorite is a sequence of eight shots of me having animated conversation with Segovia, at his last master class at Manhattan School of Music. He died the following month.

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