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Manuel Velazquez Documentary


Rare Guitar Video: Maria Luisa Anido plays Mozart's Minuet



Rare Classical Guitar Video: Ida Presti - HVL Prelude No.1



Ida Presti plays Robert de Visée, Malats and Moreno-Torroba



What would you call this instrument?



Virginia Luque plays Prelude #6 BWV 851 by J.S. Bach



Lubos Naprstek - Hermann Hauser Set Up of 1933 Classical Guitar



Abstract Tango by Virginia Luque


Third Guitar Tasting

In this third video of the series, Virginia plays the same piece (the middle section of Verano Porteño), on all the guitars.

Some of the guitars (*) in the Salon's current collection can be heard in this video

1- 1964 David Rubio (*)

2- 2001 Aaron Green (*)

3- 2005 Manuel Velazquez (*)

4- 1965 Jose Ramirez MT

5- 1965 Ignacio Fleta

6- 2013 Jeremy Clark


Second Guitar Tasting



Sangre Gitana by Virginia Luque





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